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Sweet & Savory Design

My most recent–and most ambitious–self-initiated project, the Eating Local Made Easy campaign, brings together two things I’m passionate about: seasonal food and graphic design. So, these days, it’s hard not to notice this intersection portrayed in inspiring ways around me. Some images and designs, like my own Eating Local guide, serve to make complex information more accessible by visually and verbally explaining the myriad of reasons and ways to eat more sustainably.

Others, while also enhancing communication, serve first and foremost to get attention and delight the viewer. Following is a small collection of such images I recently encountered and wanted to savor a bit through sharing. Bon appetite!

Nader Khouri, photographer; Ellen Zaslow, art director; Fanny Pan, stylist.

Chalkboard menus, and the small restaurants we love that use them, spring to mind through this clever photograph. It accompanied “Artisans Bet Big,” a story about commoditization of artisanal food, companies staying small and making quality products.

Design by Chen Design Associates.

Branding for People’s Harvest, a new fresh-cut food processing center located in the North Bay, combines war-time growing propaganda references with a fresh, optimistic look. People’s Harvest creates jobs for people who have experienced barriers to employment and helps bridge the gap between small family farms and local schools, hospitals and other institutions looking to buy fresh-cut produce.

Darren Braun, photographer; Eric Capossela, art director.

This simple yet effective photo-illustration was for “Food Fight,” an article about what’s keeping local produce out of school cafeterias.

Michael Crichton, photographer; Nathalie Cusson, art director; Leigh MacMillan, photography director.

Jaw-dropping Photoshop skills were used to realize this cover for Air Canda’s enRoute magazine’s tenth Annual Food Issue, illustrating a deconstructed recipe for carmelized onion soup.

Domtar’s Lynx paper advertisement.

Domtar’s latest campaign for their Lynx paper line resonates with the microbrew lover in me. The vernacular language of bottle caps is playfully employed to show that we’ll find their products refreshing and satisfying.


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