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About the Eating Local project

I believe passionately in the myriad of benefits from eating local goods and supporting local farms.I do not represent any organization; I embarked upon the project on the side of my full-time job teaching graphic design. I owe a tremendous debt of gratitude to the great local organizations that sponsored me: Oregon Tilth, Portland Farmers’ Market, Food Front Coop, New Seasons Market, Cherry Sprout Produce Market, Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, Hood River Organic, Bob’s Red Mill, Hopworks Urban Brewery, Supportland, and Gathering Together Farm.

The poster and guide are designed to help consumers easily understand how and why to make healthier and more sustainable food choices. The perpetual calendar guide, printed on 100% recycled paper, consists of monthly cards highlighting seasonal foods and presenting ideas for how to prepare and preserve them. The format allows for individual cards to be carried to the market and used in the kitchen. The package itself includes many local resources and timetables to show what produce is in season, creating no waste.

If you know of a non-profit that could utilize these materials please let me know so I can consider donating some!